Sunday, 28 February 2021

Pandr'ew Cussül an Tavas Kernôwek ? Neil - SWF L T.

Cussül an Tavas Kernôwek ew kescowethyans a veu fondys e'n vledhen 1987 m'alja avonsya descans hag ûs pub-dedhyek an form diwedhes ha modern a'n tavas-ma, ew gelwys gena nei Kernôwek Bew. Grondys ew, dre vaner ledan, war oll agan lien Kernôwek, en favera an peth a veu gerys gen an scriforyon dhiwedhes. Ma ga scrifa o tisqwedhes fordhow hewül ha vas dhe biwa benag a venja purwir clappya. Rag hedna an Gussül a venja provia hy godhvos ha'y skians specyal e'n mater-ma dhe gebmys a Gernowegoryon eus lebmyn ha kebmys a vo e'n termyn a vedn dos, ma'l bos derevys endelha kemeneth crev ha kevrednek a gowsoryon. Thera nei o stüdhya an tavas ha provia classys, descans war linen ha kedhlow. A-dhia ba veu degemerys an FSS en 2008, an Gussül a veu 'kesobery gen bagasow erol m'al bos cressyes an nòmber a bresyow ha chonssys rag clappya. Cussül an Tavas Kernôwek ew menystrys gen bagas a vodhogyon ha piwa benag eus dhodho pecar pòrpos a ell kemeres radn dre dhanon messach dhen, pò gwelha whath, cows genen en Kernôwek. Dewgh barha nei ha welcòm whei a vedh !

Cussül an Tavas Kernôwek - The Cornish Language Council - is an association of friends, founded in 1987 to further the learning, teaching and everyday use of Kernôwek Bew - a spoken and written form of the language that favours later sources. Since these provide the kind of down-to-earth register that every language needs, we have a special contribution to make to the wider project of building a strong, cohesive speech community. We undertake research and provide classes, online learning and information. The Cussül is run by a voluntary management group and is open to all who support its aims. All you have to do to get involved is tell us. We would love to hear from people who wish to learn the language and anyone who is willing to help widen access to learning.

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