Tuesday, 21 March 2017

An paper ma a vedh dhe gas les, tho vy sür a'n dra. Ma'n scrifer ow cül devyn an peth a wrüg Syr Eric Pickles leverel dro dhe'n mona a veu res dhe'n tavas Kernôwek tredh 2010 ha 2015. Ma y lavarow ow tisqwedhes fatel wrüg senjy an mona brîb dhe worra an senedhoryon Lib Dem dhe vôtya gen an governans.



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  1. Neil - my a dhanvonas dhis mater rag gorra war an blog - henn yw mater yn Kernowek scrifys gans kernow yn Kernow. (Ottomma: https://plus.google.com/109448142821602417698/posts/VgRbAtjsfah) Gwell o genes yn y le postya flows gans an penncog Sayers ma ha gans ganow an penngasen Pickles. WTF? Gwell o genes postya colm dhe flows erbynn kernowyon (ea, my re redyas ha clewes dhort an cawghwesyon ma kyns). Arta, WTF? My ny recevis vy penny dhort MAGA, my a recevas yn le dedhyow bos dyghtys avel cawgh drefen ow bosa'ma kernow, meur ras dhe bloyson a'n par ma. Unweyth moy, Neil, WTF? Ny wra'ma redya dha blog na fella.

    And in English because, let's face it, love too stop Cornish people from speaking their own language and getting a bit of self respect.

    I sent you stuff to put on the blog - that is, stuff written in Cornish by a Cornishman in Cornwall. You preferred instead to post rubbish by this shithead Sayers and that fat f*ckwit Pickles. WTF? You preferred to post links to propaganda against Cornish people (yes I've read & heard from these turds before). I've never received a penny from MAGA, I have received instead a lifetime of being treated like shit as a Cornishman thanks to bastards like these. Once more, Neil, WTF? I'll not be reading your blog any more.