Sunday, 13 December 2015

Have biscuit get back home! gen Chris Parkinson

Pandr'ew hebma? Pandr'ew an lavar coynt ma? En Kernôwek, ‘Cawas bisky doas tre!’  Lavar typyk ew gen flogh bian, ogas dhe dhew vloodh, hedna ew gen flogh eus o tesky y gensa tavas, hag o talla ûsya lavarow complek. Ma an geryow ‘get back home’ po ‘doas tre’ o meneges termyn, hag obma ma an flogh o saya dhe gomposa wharvedhyanjow an jedh (sequence events) et y davas. Moy diwedhes, e vedn avonsya dhe laul ‘when I get back home’ po ‘pa dheffo doas tre’ en leun. Bes esy ew ònderstondya form sempel an lavar. Ha pur vesy ew an flogh dhe dhesky cowsel adro dhe dermyn e'n vorr ma.
Pur vesy ew deskiblon second tavas dhe allos gül an keth tra, hedna ew dalla ûsya lavarow complek rag expressya ga honan.

So, ottòbma dhe whei nebes practisys gen kebmellow termyn (time clauses).

1 My wra cawas bolla' de pa wra vy doas tre.
Change the persons: Che wra… wra che…; hei wra… wra hei…; nei wra…….pa wra nei…; whei wra…….pa wrewgh whei…; anjei wra……pa wron'jei…
2 My wra perna skichow nowedh pa wra vy moas dhe Plymouth.

Do the same with this examples, preferably out loud till the spoken Cornish pattern is automatic. Think, what will you buy? Will you go elsewhere for your shopping spree? Have fun!

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