Saturday, 29 August 2015

Treven 'houses' dhort Nicholas Williams

Comment on The Old Hundredth (see 19.8.15)

An lînen
Ke ogas dhe y dreven ha bedhow whei looan Come with joy his courts unto
yw a les dre rêson drevon/dreven ena dhe vos onen a'n try sampel a treven i'n tavas tradycyonal. An dhew erel yw:
Ny dale dien [leg. dieu] gwile treven war an treath  JJenkins
Domus…An house, a lodging, a dwelling, C(ornish) Tshyi [plur Treven] AB: 55c.
An re-na yw mar bell dell worama oll an examplys a form liesek chi/chy.
Nyns yw *chiow, *chyow kefys in tyller vëth.
Yth hevel dhybm ytho bos fur sconya dhe ûsya *chiow, *chyow i'n tavas dasvewys.
Heb mar yma dyffrans inter trevow 'towns, homesteads' ha treven 'houses'.

(An messach ma ew screfys en KS. Neil)

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  1. "Neb a garra y das po y vam, y vab po y virth, chy, trevyn po tyrryow, moy agesa ve"

    'he that loves his father or mother, son or daughter, house, houses or land, more then me'
    [Tregear Homilies: 21a]