Monday, 31 August 2015

En hav perh co gwav

En hav perh co gwav
Ma an lavar coth-ma o menya "In summer remember winter."

The word for summer also give us havas or hewas which means summertime or a summer dwelling/pasture. Gwav gives us gwavas for a winter dwelling and wintertime. William Gwavas, neb o henwys endella, a scrifys

‘E rig moaz en Cock ve luas Havas do kymerra puscas. He did go in my boat many summers to catch fish’
‘E rig moaz en Cock ve lîas Gwavas. He went in my boat many winters,’
‘Gwavyow and havyow is ye true Cornish.’

rig = wrüg; do is for dhe, showing the tendency for dh to revert to d; kymerra is for kemeres

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