Monday, 1 June 2015

William Allen

This verse by William Allen of St. Agnes was written c 1704 (OC Vol IV No 9, Summer 1949). Here is the original followed by the SWF/L version.

Kensa blethan, byrla a’baye (Kensa bledhen, byrla ha bay)

Nessa blethan, lull a’laye (Nessa bledhen, lull ha lay)

Tridgya blethan, hanna drubba (Tryja bledhen, henna dr'obba) (henna = hedna)

Peswarra blethan, mola Dew war ef reeg dry hy uppa (Peswarra bledhen, mola Duw war ev wrüg drei hei obba) (obba = obma).

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