Saturday, 23 May 2015

The past (preterite) of gwil, gül

The verb to do or make has two forms of the infinitive in later Cornish, gwil and gül. 
The past (preterite) may be written thus in SWF/L.  

gwrügam, gwrüga vy
gwressta, gwressta jy
gwrüg hei 
gwrüg ev
gwressen, gwressa nei
gwressowgh, gwrüga whei, gwressa whei
gwrügans, gwrüg anjei

The third person singular has the alternative gwras when the meaning is 'made' not 'did'.
You will be more used to seeing the mutated forms without the initial g.
In later Cornish it is common to follow the verb with the pronoun although in the earlier language this was reserved for emphatic use. When a pronoun follows the personal endings are reduced to -a, e.g. gwügam > gwrüga vy.
The forms written with an <e>, e.g. gwressta, might also be written <ü>.

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