Friday, 3 April 2015

George Fox 1660

The phrases below, in their original spelling, were recorded by George Fox 1624-1691, one of the first Quakers and a prominent dissenter in A Batledor for Teachers and Professors to Learn Singular and Plural... 1660 . It gives examples of the second person singular and plural. In later Cornish, the personal pronoun ty or te (thou) became che. Fox spelt it chee.
Singular           {Chee deane  is Thou man

                        {Chee Bennen  is Thou woman

                        {Chee Rowler  is Thou Ruler

                        {Chee Matearn  is Thou King

                        {Chee Maternas  is Thou Queen

                        {Chee Taze  is Thou Father

                        {Chee Dama  is Thou Mother

                        {Chee Pedn an Bobel  is Thou Head of People

                        {Mee Chhe Eve  is I Thou He

Plural               {Why Teesse  is you man

                        {Why Benenas  is you women

                        {Why Rowledges  is You Rulers

                        {Why metearneau  is you Kings

                        {Why Tazowe  is You Fathers

                        {Why Dameeowe  is You mothers

                        {Why Pednawe an Bobel  is You Heads of People

                        {Nye Why Gye  is We You They

                        {Why Poan Gye  is You or They

This is the Cornish Proper Tongue both Singular and Plural, answerable to the English above mentioned.

see Journal R.Cor.Poly.Soc., 1929 p257

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