Monday, 30 March 2015

Mettin da dhe whei! ha Dedh da dhe whei !

Mettin da dhe whei    Good morning to you

Do not say this after about 10 a.m.. Use Dedh da, ‘Good day’ instead.

Dedh da dhis! Good day to you! (to one person you know well)

Dedh da dhe hwei! Good day to you! (to one person or more than one)

Avoid a common mispronunciation: Whether you write dedh or dydh this word has a long vowel but some learners say “dith” with a short i sound. Draw it out to make sure.

You can also say
Durdadhe whei! Good day to you! Like Dursona, Durdadhe whei is a whole bunch of words run together.

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