Monday, 9 March 2015

Dursona dhe whei !

Dursona dhe whei !

means "God bless you! ". We use it as a general greeting like ‘hello’. Sing it out loudly and for best effect holler it across the street. The s sounds like z.

Some more phrases with dursona:

Dursona dhe whei, cosins! Hello, cousins.

Dursona dhe whei, cowetha! Hello friends.

Tüs vas oll, dursona dhe whei! God bless you, good people all!

(tüs sounds like teaze)

Dursona dhe whei, mestres! Hello, madam

Dursona dhe whei, bednvas! Hello, ‘good woman’

Dursona dhe whei, sara wheg! Hello, kind sir

"Marners, darsona dhewgh, mars ewgh dhe Vreten, mar mednowgh moas dhe'n moar adhor an mettin, mall ew gena vy moas et agas lester genowgh..."

(Dallath an can 'Meriasek' gen Sowena.)

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