Monday, 16 February 2015

Tredhon pub dedh en Kernôwek Bew

Clappya tredhon e'n lowar.
What is the phrase “Tredhon pub dedh en Kernôwek Bew” at the head of this page? Word for word, it means, “Between us each day in living Cornish.” The idea is to use Cornish to communicate with each other as much as we can. The word for "between", which some speakers know as ynter, yntra (SWF/M), is usually shortened to ter, tre or tredh in SWF/L. Shortly before 1700, William Rowe wrote “treeth”. To say “between us” we have these documented forms to pick from:

yn treȝon (PA.0302a);yntreȝon (PA.1692b); yntrethon (OM.0936); yntrethon (OM.1859); yntrethon (PC.2842); interthon (BM.1922); intrethan (TH.27 39); interrañye (interrannye) (CW.0839); trethon(AB244b07); trethon (PV.17535);
In SWF/L we may therefore write: tredhon as our default form but keep yntredhon and ynterra nei handy too.

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