Monday, 23 February 2015

Pedn broas, vydna whei boas cregys?

In the English play, The Northern Lasse by Richard Brome (1632) there is a single Cornish phrase, used by one of the characters to try and speak to a Spaniard: 'Pedn bras, vidne whee bis cregas.'

SWF/L: Pedn broas, vydna whei boas cregys?
Sowsnek: Fat head, do you want to be hanged?

vydna whei? means 'do you want to?' or 'will you?' and may also be spelt vedna whei? or vedda whei?.

This is the same as vynnowgh why in SWF/M. In Modern Cornish it is usual to follow the verb with whei 'you' but the verb may be used on its own, in which we write vednowgh.

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