Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nebes geryow rag Gool Valentin

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Love is carenja in our SWF-based spelling (but kerenja or kerensa in SWF/M). When we say it quickly it becomes crenja or crensa.

The word for heart is colon
(This sometimes resists the 'soft' mutation c/k > g.)

I love you is: Theram o cara che
(or) Me a’th car
To lay it on a bit thicker you can say:

Theram o cara che en golon: I love you in the heart
Dres pub hüny me a'th car: I love you more than anyone
Me a’th car benary: I will always love you

You can also use the formal (plural) form: Thera vy cara whei en colon

More luv phrases:
gen meur a garenja: with much love
Disqwa dhebm a'th carenja: Show me your love
An carenja vy ew rag nevra sür: My love is forever sure
Senj o holon dhis: Bind my heart to thee
Ro dhebm dha abm: Give me a kiss


whegol:dear, darling; melder: sweetness; cüv colon; dear, darling;

whegen(f) whegyn(m): sweety; o mel: my honey

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