Friday, 6 February 2015

Ma Whevral o lenel an creunyow rag Meurh

This Cornish saying, recorded in the Morrab MS and by Lhuyd, gives us the name of February: Whevral or Hwevral in the SWF. The form <whevrer> or <hwevrer>, used by some speakers, is an overcorrection modeled on Breton and Welsh. The proper Cornish name ends in <l>. In later Cornish, especially, the final th of Merth (SWF Meurth) and similar words is dropped and may be represented as an <h>. The <eu> spellings in the SWF, KK and KS are pronounced like an e in later Cornish. Note the plural in -iaw which shows the pronunciation of SWF -yow.
Ma Huevral leanna an crenniaw rag Merh. (Lh)
Ma Wherwal a lennal an crenniaw rag Merh. (Morrab MS)
Ma Whevral o lenel an creunyow rag Meurh~Meurth. (SWF/L)
February fills the dams for March.

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