Monday, 16 February 2015

Eus FSS, eus po nag eus?

Ma an Cussel ûsya chif form a’n FSS dhe gesobery gen Maga, bes en ken maner, ema hei o ûsya gis y honan rag kebmys a whel eus dhe wil gen an re cowldevys. Ma nùmber pur vian a amendyanjow dhe hebma m’al boas ûsyes an FSS der vaner moy crejys ha mas rag Kernôwek Modern. Thera nei o ûsya a’n ‘tradicyonal grafys’ dhe dhoas nes, mar bell dr’ella nei, dhe’n vaner a scrifa ew couth dhe nei. Ma hedna kesassoylya diffrans dowisyow ha sconhe an whel rag piwa benag a venja redya KS keffres ha’n FSS ha KK. Thera nei o scrifa keffres <c> ha <k>, <ck>, <qw> ha <wh>. Nag ew peth pur vroas, scrifa gen an chif grafys p'o odhom.

The Cussel has adopted the SWF/L, supporting and interpreting it so that it may be used for Modern Cornish. We prefer the 'traditional graphs' which are allowed for within the SWF but sometimes use the ‘main’ graphs when working with others.

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