Saturday, 31 January 2015

SWF/L endings for verbs and prepositional pronouns

These are the standard SWF/L tg endings for verbal conjugations and prepositional pronouns


1sg. -am   2sg. -es   3sg.m. -o (in prepositional pronouns)   3sg.f. -y (in prepositional pronouns)
1pl. -en   2pl. -owgh   3pl. –ans


1sg. -a vy   2sg. -a chy   3sg.m. + e(v), + va (in verbs), -(o) e(v) (in prepositional pronouns) + hei (in verbs), -y hei (in prepositional pronouns)   1pl. -a nei   2pl. -o whei   3pl. -(a) anjei


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