Sunday, 9 November 2014

Feminine Nouns 2 - gen Chris Parkinson

Feminine Nouns: Here is some more practice for learning which nouns are feminine, and what to do about it!
1.      Another set of common feminine nouns

kegin kitchen; tigen wallet; tesen cake, loaf; kenter nail; vorgh fork; padel pan; vorn oven; pel ball; lo spoon; oles hearth; scübyllen brush (small).

Group these items in a small drawing and remember which they are.

2.         With the definite article ‘an’, some, but not all of these will mutate the first letter like this: an gegin, an genter; an badel, an bel; An digen, an desen, i.e.those beginning K, P and T. But the following adjectives will mutate after all of them. So, try to get the following into your ears using broas and bian/vroas and vian (big and small):

An gegin vroas; an gisten vian; an genter vroas; an badel vian; an bel vroas; an oles vroas; an digen vian; an desen vroas; an vorn vroas; an vorgh vian; an lo vian; an scübyllen vian.
The adjectives dû (SWF/M du) (black), glan (clean) and coth (old) also mutate, to dhû, lan and goth after feminine nouns, so try using them as well, as you practise. Remember, you don’t need to write any of this down. You just need to hear it as you say the words out loud. Much easier!

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